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If there is one thing that Evergreen Turf knows really well, its lawn. Which is why our team of specialist grass suppliers in South Africa offer a comprehensive selection of different types of lawns, that are ideal for different settings, climates, and seasons.

We make it easy to buy instant lawn and maintain the perfect turf throughout the year with products characterised by a history of trusted excellence. Get your idea lawn directly from us or buy instant lawn online for secure and convenient shopping.


Evergreen Turf offers specialised solutions for all seasons and climates, including options from the following ranges:

Warm Season

Warm season lawn is ideal for maintaining lushness during the hot South African summer month. These include Kikuyu, Gulf-Green, Tiffsport, and LM grass.

Cool Season

Cool season lawn is resilient even during the dry coldness of South African winters. These include Evergreen Gold and all seasons Evergreen.

Drought Tolerant

With low water requirements, we offer species of grass that are highly resistant to drought and dryness. These include Kikuyu, Gulf-Green, and Tiffsport lawn.

Shade Tolerant

For lawns that get limited sunshine, we offer shade tolerant Evergreen Gold and LM.

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