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Evergreen Gold

Evergreen Gold is one of the most beautiful lawn mixtures and grows well in full sun and semi-shade conditions. It thrives in a variety of growing conditions and will remain green throughout the year.

A lawn of Evergreen Gold can tolerate high traffic and is great for areas frequently used by children and pets. However, dog urine can sometimes cause the blades to scorch, especially in very hot weather, resulting in dead, brown patches.


Get in touch with us today to chat about getting Evergreen Gold for your garden or field. It’s available all year round and can be collected from Johannesburg.



Allow the lawn to establish itself well before mowing and never cut full sun grass shorter than 4 cm or 5 cm for that growing in the shade. During summer your lawn will need mowing about once a week and in winter once every three weeks should be enough.

Avoid smothering your Evergreen Gold lawn with compost or lawn dressing. Rather spike the lawn occasionally, especially in high traffic areas where soil compaction can occur.

The compaction prevents water, fertiliser and air penetration, resulting in poor growth. Use a garden fork, pushing it about 20 cm deep into the soil and wiggling it to lift loosen the soil slightly.

For the best-looking lawn all year round, Evergreen Gold lawns need regular feeding through a slow-release formulation, four times a year.

Evergreen Gold lawns do not need more water than other lawns, but they can’t withstand drought, so an irrigation system would be a good investment.


  • Blend of fescue
  • Dark green colour
  • Medium leaf texture
  • Green throughout the year
  • Requires approximately 25 mm of water per week consistently
  • Does well in sun and semi-shade if maintained correctly
  • Suits a wide range of soil types
  • Can’t grow from sprigs
  • Moderate wearability

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