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Warm Season: Soil Preparation

Before planting, soil should be moistened to a depth of 15cm. Dig the area over thoroughly, to a depth of at least 15cm. The area must be leveled carefully as it is very difficult to correct levels after the grass has been laid. 

Although the sods are well knitted together, careful handling is desirable. Do not leave sod in sun for long periods. For best results, Warm Season Grasses should be laid within 12 hours of delivery.

Warm Season: Watering Maintenance for Establishment Phase
Water immediately after planting, sufficiently to moisten the soil to a depth of 11 – 20mm. In hot months every day, in the morning and afternoon for 2 weeks or until the grass is established.

In cool months, every day, mornings only for 2 weeks or until the grass are established.NB: Do not water later than 2pm so that the grass can dry off before night falls. Although adequate watering is very important, over watering and “puddling” must be avoided. Different types of soil must be taken into consideration.

  • Instant Lawn: All year round
  • Spriggs: Preferably do not sprigg in winter months on the Highveld
  • Instant Lawn: All year round

As soon as the sod is firmly secured to the ground, mowing can begin by removing no more than ⅓ of the leaf length. For further information on mowing heights, please refer to the maintenance section.

Since Warm Season grass grows most actively in Spring & Summer, this is when it needs to be fertilized most. It is beneficial to scarify warm season lawns first in spring when an application of 5:1:5 can be introduced onto the roots at 50g / m². Lawns do best when fertilized “little and often”. Grass growing in sandy soil needs to be fertilize more often than that growing in a clay soil, since the nutrients leach out far more readily in the first instance.

Conventional or controlled (slow) release fertilizer can be used. General fertilization recommendation as follows:

  • Spring: 5:1:5 applied @ 50g/m² (beginning of Aug & end Sept)
  • Summer: 5:1:5 or LAN controlled release 50g/m² (Mid Nov, end Dec & end Jan)
  • Autumn: 5:1:5 controlled release 50g/m² (beginning of March & end of April)
  • Winter: No fertilizer is necessary while the grass is dormant.

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