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Top tips for choosing an instant lawn

Choosing instant lawn is the first step to lush grass in time for lazy summer celebrations. These tips will make it easy to choose the right type of instant lawn for your garden.

Determine how much shade your garden gets

Knowing your garden’s direct sunlight exposure is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right instant lawn. For example, LM grass works well in shaded areas, while Evergreen Gold prefers full sun and semi-shade conditions. On the other hand, Kikuyu is a full-sun exposure type grass, and Gulf Green is slightly shade tolerant.

Look and feel

Next, consider the appearance you want. Some instant lawn types have a darker green colour, and each has a different leaf texture. LM and Kikuyu grass have a bright green colour and coarse leaf textures. Evergreen Gold has a dark green colour and remains green throughout the year. It has a medium leaf texture. Gulf Green is also bright green but has a fine leaf texture and goes dormant on the Highveld during winter.

Wear and traffic tolerance

If you have kids and large pets constantly running and playing on the grass, you need a hard-wearing instant lawn type that can grow fast for repair. LM grass offers fair wearability, whereas Kikuyu and Gulf Green have excellent wearability.


Laying your instant lawn is just the first step. Next, consider how much time and money you can allocate to maintaining the turf for the best results.

• LM grass generally needs to be mown once a week and does well with an irrigation system since it doesn’t tolerate drought.

• Evergreen Gold will need to be mown at least once a week. Spike the lawn rather than covering it with compost or lawn dressing. This type of instant lawn is also sensitive to drought and needs an irrigation system.

• Kikuyu grass is extremely easy to take care of, doesn’t need fertiliser or a lot of water, and recovers well from drought.

• Gulf Green grows very fast in summer and needs an intensive water regimen, especially when it’s hot and dry.

Contact Evergreen Turf for details

If there is one thing that Evergreen Turf knows well, its lawn. Our team of specialist grass suppliers offer a comprehensive selection of different types of lawns, ideal for different settings, climates, and seasons. Get in touch with us today to order your instant lawn for a beautiful garden.

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