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Tips for the perfect turf

It takes time to create a new lawn. Whether you want to sow seed or install instant lawn, you must first adequately prepare the ground. Once completed, a properly placed lawn will endure a lifetime.


A company like Evergreen Turf provides instant lawn that can be laid throughout most of the year except during frosty periods.

Turf is a costly way to produce a luscious lawn. In addition to being expensive, a good piece of instant lawn takes a long time to lay. However, instant lawn is the best investment for a high-quality lawn. Ensure you get grass that is appropriate for the sort of lawn you want. If you’re unsure, instant lawn experts like Evergreen Turf will help you determine the best lawn for your needs.

Preparing the soil

Preparation is the cornerstone of a good lawn and is worth spending some time on. Begin by removing perennial weeds. Six weeks before you want to start working on the grass, use a glyphosate-based weedkiller. Next, thoroughly excavate the area but avoid using a rotary cultivator as it might not penetrate deep enough. Then, apply fertiliser, either a generic but preferably a pre-seeding lawn fertiliser. After that, rake the soil several times. The first pass of the rake is to smooth out the ruts from the digging. The second time is to collect all the stones, roots, and hard lumps. The third rake produces a smoother, finer surface. Now, the surface is ready for turfing.


Instant lawn may grow unevenly at first but will sort itself out within a few weeks. When the lawn is around 5 cm tall, give it the first cut. Ensure the grass is entirely dry before cutting the top using a lightweight mower with the blades set to the highest setting. After that, you may begin mowing your instant lawn regularly with the blades set at around a 3 cm height. Within a few weeks of being laid, the turf should start to root into the soil. Wait until this happens before making the first cut, but after it has roots, you may resume routine grass care.

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If there is one thing that Evergreen Turf knows well, it’s instant lawn, or turf. Our team of specialist grass suppliers offer a comprehensive selection of different types of lawns, ideal for different settings, climates, and seasons.Get in touch with us today to order your instant lawn for a beautiful garden.

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