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Laying and maintaining an instant lawn

Lawns remain an essential part of any South African garden. The lawn, whether as pristine as a bowling green or merely a play area for children, is a crucial aspect of landscape design. Most people who have lawns are delighted with their appearance: green, lush, and well-kept. Having a perfectly manicured lawn isn’t always at the top of our yard to-do list. And it’s fine if your lawns have a few mossy patches or a few weeds. When it comes to lawn maintenance, whether you’re aiming for perfection or just a healthy-looking patch of grass, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You can rigorously adhere to all of them or simply the ones that keep your lawn looking the way you want it.

Laying a lawn

The two alternatives for installing a new lawn or repairing up a section of grass are seed or turf. Both have benefits and drawbacks. Grass seed develops slowly, is readily consumed by birds, and must be avoided for an extended time. However, it is faster and easier to grow, and it is undoubtedly the best option for filling in gaps. Turf provides immediate grass, but you must keep away from it for a while until it grows in. In addition, turf is slower and more difficult to lay, and it is frequently more expensive.

Turf may be planted at any time of year, except when there’s frost. Obtain high-quality instant lawn that is at least five centimetres thick. Turf should be laid as soon as possible once it is delivered; otherwise, it will become yellow. Whether you’re using the seed or turf method, the grass patch should always be kept moist, and you should avoid walking on it until it is well established.

Lawn maintenance

You’ll have to put in some effort if you want a perfect lawn. First, avoid cutting the established instant lawn too short when mowing since this might encourage moss growth. The best approach is to do it regularly and in little doses. In addition, you can change your mowing pattern to promote more even grass growth. Next, when you water your instant lawn, make sure it’s completely saturated. A modest amount of water will have no effect, even if done regularly. Finally, rake and aerate your lawn twice a year, at the start of spring and autumn. Moss can be removed by raking while scarifying it with a spiky roller or piercing it with a garden fork will allow your lawn to breathe and grow.

Allow autumn leaves to fall on the yard but tidy them up as soon as possible. Dandelion and dock are two typical lawn weeds that you can remove by hand or using a spot weedkiller. If you pull these weeds by hand, ensure you remove the entire long taproot; otherwise, the plant will resprout. Finally, to keep your instant lawn lush and healthy, fertilise it with potash and phosphates in the fall and nitrogen in the spring.

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