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Common lawncare questions

You’ve done the smart thing and ordered instant lawn from Evergreen Turf and it looks pretty good. To maintain your lush lawn all year round there are a few things to keep in mind.

How often should I water my lawn?

What kind of soil your lawn is planted in plays a role, as clay soil can hold a lot more water than sandy soil. But clay soil also doesn’t release enough moisture to sufficiently nourish the grass. Loam soil is ideal – it is what your Evergreen Turf is grown in. During the summer you can water your lawn every second day. Make sure you water your lawn early in the morning so the sun’s heat doesn’t evaporate the water and be sure to stick to any water restrictions that might be in place.

How often should I mow the lawn?

Give your instant lawn some time to get established before getting the mower out. During summer months you should mow at least once a week. You can mow it twice a week as long as you ensure you don’t cut too much. Remember, you want to remove only ⅓ of the blade’s length to keep it looking tidy and lush. Always make sure your lawnmower’s blades are sharp to avoid tearing the grass blades.

Which variant should I plant in the shade?

If you are looking for grass that will do well in semi shade and shade, chat with us about Evergreen Gold® which we have available all year round. LM grass is relatively tolerant of shade, but not of cold.

Can I top dress my lawn with sand?

Kikuyu, Gulfgreen and Tifsport can be top-dressed with topsoil/compost mix. Do not top-dress Evergreen Gold® or LM.

How often should I scarify my lawn?

Scarifying should be done at least once a year in spring if needed. Depending on the watering and fertilising conditions you may have to do it more regularly. However, remember it places stress on the grass so don’t do it too frequently.

How often should I fertilise my lawn?

You need to fertilise your lawn at least three times a year, Spring, mid Summer and beginning of Autumn, with a blend fertiliser like 5:1:5 or 8:1:5 at a rate of 5kg/100 square meters. A nitrogen rich fertiliser like LAN or Greengulf can be applied in between at a rate of 3kg/100 square meter. Remember to always water well after you have applied fertiliser.

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