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Benefits of instant lawn

In addition to being cost-effective, planting instant lawns offers a range of extensive benefits. The most popular types of instant lawns have specific benefits. For example:

  • Evergreen Gold remains green throughout the year. This beautiful lawn mixture grows well in full sun and semi-shade conditions.
  • LM Grass is a tropical grass best planted well before winter. Under ideal growing conditions, it forms a dense, dark green lawn. In addition, it will recover well from drought and heat.
  • Kikuyu grass is extremely easy to take care of and very easy to propagate through transplanting. In addition, it flourishes throughout the year. It grows and spreads quickly and is perfect for replacing a lawn or covering up bare patches.
  • Gulf Green’s colour only dulls a bit during winter. It also transplants well and can be planted all year round. In addition, it doesn’t produce seed, making it perfect for homes where the inhabitants are sensitive to pollen.

However, general benefits from all instant lawns include:

  • The lawn acts as a natural water filter.
  • It helps to control erosion.
  • As with most vegetation, it uses greenhouse gases.
  • It exchanges those gasses for oxygen that is released into its surroundings.
  • It increases your home’s value.
  • Walking barefoot on a lush lawn offers therapeutic benefits.
Get a good start with Evergreen Turf

If there is one thing that Evergreen Turf knows well, its lawn. Therefore, our team of specialist grass suppliers in South Africa offers a comprehensive selection of different lawns, ideal for different settings, climates, and seasons.

We make it easy to buy instant lawns and maintain the perfect turf throughout the year with products characterised by a history of trusted excellence.

Evergreen Turf grows and supplies different instant lawn varieties perfectly suited to your local climate, needs and budget. Get in touch with us today to order your instant lawn for beautiful, low-maintenance gardening.

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